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According to the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Florida is home to over 1,525,400 veterans and is the third largest population of veterans in the nation.

Florida has a $25,000 Homestead Property Tax Exemption for every resident.

Florida, ranked the #1 veteran friendly State, offers numerous job and educational options, a community that is extremely supportive of veterans, a warm climate and beautiful surroundings.

Florida is home to 12 Public Universities and 28 Public colleges and has an in-state tuition rate for all veterans who make use of the GI Bill.

Florida’s military industry has a $95 billion statewide impact, and with over 300 International companies Headquartered in Florida, it boasts a strong economy. Florida has the 4th largest economy in the US, with many job opportunities, extraordinary support for entrepreneurship and employers who appreciate and hire veterans.
Florida’s business tax climate ranks Number 1 in the South East.
Florida is Home to many Military Installations, Including: